• 35+ years of experience
• Divorce, Paternity, Custody
• Guardianship/Conservatorship
• Probate, Wills and Estate Planning


Photo of Tom KrausAfter graduating Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude from the University of Minnesota in 1984 and from William Mitchell College of Law in 1987, Tom Krause worked his way from being a law clerk and an associate with Robert Hoene in a diverse civil and criminal litigation practice to a partner in the firm of Hoene & Krause for approximately 15 years. Krause Law Offices, PLLC opened for business in July 2006 and Tom has been operating his own practice since that time.

Tom displays a caring attitude and is easy to communicate with about difficult issues. He draws upon his education, experience, insight and litigation skills to come up with practical and creative solutions for clients, particularly in the current and trying economic climate. He has a reputation of being a firm and tough advocate for his clients.

Tom Krause surrounds himself with an excellent support system with a long time secretary/assistant and a first rate research and writing staff, if needed. Clients can obtain quality legal services with the individual attention they want and deserve with big firm type resources. Tom also frequently associates with other experienced professionals should the situation warrant, including retaining outside professionals to assist with a particular aspect of a case. In short, Krause Law Offices, PLLC should be a client’s first call and if Tom Krause cannot handle a particular legal matter, he can provide an appropriate referral to another attorney who can.